Bukenya – I Know WHO Killed Son

Former vice-president alleges cover- up in Bryan’s 2009 road accident

Former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya, has reopened the debate about his son’s death in 2009 by demanding for the long- awaited police report. In an emotional speech during a memorial service for Bryan at his residence in Lwantama, Wakiso, on November 29, Bukenya gave the police an ultimatum to release the report immediately.

Bukenya, who fell out with the regime after losing his job in 2011, threatened to name the suspected killers if the ultimatum is not met. Bryan, a UPDF cadet recruit, died in a motor accident on November 7, 2009 at Bbira, about 15km along Mityana road.

However, his father now says he doesn’t believe it was an accident. Paul Kato, the regional CID chief for Kampala Metropolitan and lead investigator in the case, told The Observer last week that the police have no hidden agenda.

“Police is doing a lot of investigations including the one regarding Bryan and once each report is complete, we will reveal the outcome,” Kato said.

The official police account is that Byran sustained a sliced head from the lower jaw, a deep incision above the right eye and a shattered skull from behind, causing his death. At last week’s memorial service for both Bryan and Prof Bukenya’s mother, Francesca Nabulo, Bukenya said he knows who killed his son.

“What surprises me is that these people [the killers] are in our capital city moving freely and if police do not arrest them, I will name their identities in a few days to come,” Bukenya said.

The former VP further disputed the police’s version of events, stating that the vehicle the detectives claimed was involved in the accident is the wrong one. He said the vehicle he knows is different and is currently being used in DR Congo. Bukenya further said he knows who took it there.

The claim that Bryan jumped out of the vehicle as it overturned and died of injuries, Bukenya said, is just “a cover up.”

A professor of medicine and former dean of the Makerere University Medical School, Bukenya claims his son’s injuries may have been inflicted by a “sharp object”.

Bukenya said he was puzzled that there was neither a wound nor a bruise on the torso, save for a swelling on the left side of the rib cage, suspected to have been caused by a blunt object which might have caused internal bleeding. The deceased’s clothes were not shredded, he noted.

Bukenya further claims that before his death, Bryan’s tea had at one time been laced with poison. However, during holy mass, Fr Edward Ssebukoola urged Bukenya to forgive whoever he thinks wronged him.

Doctor’s report:

During Bryan’s burial on November 10, 2009, a medical doctor told mourners that the VP’s son was delivered to Mulago hospital motionless, about an hour after the reported crash.

“He was bleeding from the head, nose, mouth and ears. The blood was mixed with fluid found in the brain. The CT-Scan revealed that Bryan had multiple fractures to the skull and ribs,” the doctor reported.

Bryan was travelling in the same vehicle as his cadet colleagues Ronald Mukalazi, Charles Balidawa, Emmanuel Muganjo and Denis Oketwong. All of them, apart from Bryan, survived the crash virtually unharmed.

The driver, one Lwanga, fled the scene immediately but was arrested days later. Bryan was a law graduate of Coventry University in London.

A lengthy report from the Inspector of Vehicles showed that the pickup, registration UAM 640N, was “completely mangled”.

Source : The Observer

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