Bukasa Ring Road works will soon be complete

I saw the letter about the state of Bukasa Ring Road and indeed it has been a source of frustration to us all. The contractor for that road is CCCC, a Chinese company, which quoted for a package of roads including the Kibuli Road, Church Road, the Namuwongo Market network, Go-down Road and Bukasa Ring Road.

They made a very cheap quotation and although they have generally carried out the work satisfactorily, they have gone very slowly and had many disagreements with the supervising consulting engineers ‘UB Consultants’ over the acceptable standards of materials.

They have also carried out all the works in phases simultaneously on the whole package. This means that each road waits until all the similar works are complete on all the roads, causing apparent delays.

At present, they have put down the base for Kibuli, Church, and Go-down roads and are putting down the base in Namuwongo, subsequent to which they will move to Bukasa Ring Road. They are now preparing to lay tarmac on Go-down, part of Kibuli and Church roads.

I expect that they will then tackle Bukasa Ring Road. I am sorry for the dust and delay, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Dr Ian Clarke,

Mayor Makindye Division

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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