Building a hut comes easy

A hut is an integral architectural part of the African culture. At least every region and tribe in Uganda has got a way of expressing their culture by the way they build and decorate their huts. Much as the huts reflect culture in our African tradition, they can also be used to blend with modern house structures. We take a look at some of the many available options in which they can be used.

Home for grown-up children
Huts can be built to house the grown up children.

Guest rooms
You probably want to give your guests as much privacy as possible, as you need to build a separate room or a guest wing. You can go cultural by building huts to serve as guest rooms.

Rest Rooms
You may build a hut as a resting place or hide away room.

Servant’s room
Huts can serve as servants’ quarters a separate dwelling for the servants who are not part of the family.

Huts are widely built on a commercial basis as hotel accommodation facilities.

Cultural bonding
Some huts are built as part of communal activity, most of which are clustered or are interconnected to form a lager compound.
In the building process, men, women and children may get involved, where the men do the lifting heavy materials while the women and children do the supporting or lighter work. This promotes social interaction and strengthens cultural bonds.

What you need to know about huts

Building a hut is the most basic way of meeting the basic shelter needs, and this is greatly affordable due to the availability of the materials required to build them.

The materials often used in making the hut are ecofriendly and sourced from the immediate surroundings.
The natural materials used are mud, trees, papyrus, cow dung, water. These materials are weather-friendly and keep the house fresh all the time.

Cultural symbolism
Different communities express their cultural traditions and values through the way they build and decorate their huts.
Such values are kept and can be passed on to their children. Other people get to study about other cultures by studying the symbols and forms used to decorate these houses.

Tips to master to build a hut
•Make the roof pitch higher at least 30 degrees and above, to enable the rain water run off the thatch easily. If the angle is low, the chances of the roof retaining water are high and therefore causing leakages and making the thatch rot.
•Build it circular. This way you will minimise the construction costs this is because building a circular wall is less expensive than a rectangular if the areas are the same.
• Different raw materials. Huts can be built out of the ordinary artificial, materials, or natural ones such as timber, mud, grass and papyrus.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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