Bugisu, Lango dioceses welcome new bishops

MPs yesterday failed to get the best way to handle backlog on the Local Government accountability committee.

By the time the House was to move to the next item on the Order Paper, the MPs had talked extensively about how bad the situation is, with proposals that a consultant be hired to handle the reports, but a decision could not be taken because of the “unknown implications of whatever decision could be taken”.

“I suggest that you (Speaker)all for a meeting and the leader of government business comes with his team and also the members of the Local Government Committee and we agree on how best we handle,” said Ms Justine Lumumba, the Government Chief Whip.

The debate on the Local Government backlog begun when Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah questioned the rational of Parliament continuously receiving reports from the minister yet the committee is yet to finish handling reports of 2008.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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