Break up with her like a man

We are all living testimonies that at some point of our lives, a love so sweet can turn sour.
Love can be beautiful in the beginning. Sometimes it may even seem like your childhood dream full of many fantasies just like all those Disney movies and cartoons that kept you glued on television and made you fantasise about what love would feel like when you were older.
When the relationship has just taken off and times are good, we are all up there floating on Cloud Nine. In most of the Disney tales, the love birds live happily ever after. In real life though, love could turn out to be a complicated affair. When reality takes hold, love can get rather unpleasant.
The question is, “ What happens in real life?” There is no definite explanation as to why sometimes so much affection turns into devastation.
When love has gone bad, you would think that the best thing is to count one’s losses and move on, but usually women are more likely to hold on to it hoping against hope that the relationship can recover from whatever ailment it is suffering from.
By nature, women are crafted with a lot of patience or fortitude in their DNA that a number of us can capably put up with so much in a rocky relationship before we bid it farewell.
Dumping a lover is one of the most gut-wrenching things that a man can do and yet most men lack the decency to face up to the task. There is no easy way to break someone’s heart but if you must do it, then this is what you should keep in mind.

Coolest dude
Forget about the maintaining your reputation as the world’s sweetest man. Be honest and face up to the ugly truth. Whichever way you opt to end it, she is still going to hate your guts anyway. She needs to hear the unpleasant words. That is the only way she can recover from the burden of her past decisions.
Too good for me
Avoid that pathetic line, “it’s not you, it’s me”. Making it all about you or blaming it on her is the worst thing you could do in the circumstances. Do not even think of telling her that she was too good for you. There is no excuse that you could make up that will justify shattering the relationship so keep it simple and avoid the blame game.
Patronising is just as shameful as using a postcard or a text message to tell her that you are leaving.
Never ever consider emotional distance until she finally breaks up with you because you were a chicken to do it first. What makes you think you are a man anyway?”

No attachment
Make a clean break that means no second thoughts and no reunion sex unless she’s relived it’s over, and still wants to fool around once in a while. This only works with a few ground rules if you don’t want to rewrite history because this is where most of the women have a fall back because of the attachment syndrome that many don’t know how to deal with.
Remember she might be happier about this than you are so don’t throw a pity party for her in your head at that point she’s done trying and ready to blend with the next man who could be deserving.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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