Brazilian relief at Maracana

Germany’s World Cup triumph on Sunday was the only positive result to have come Brazil’s way in the final week of the game’s biggest showpiece event.
Humiliated 7-1 by Germany in Belo Horizonte in the semi-finals and hammered 3-0 by Holland in the bronze match, Brazilian fans have been a miserable lot.
“Staging the tournament and conceding 10 goals in five days is the biggest shame no one could have anticipated when the World Cup was starting,” moaned tournament volunteer Katrina Barreto before the final.
“The only result we need is a Germany win because if Argentina lift the title at the Maracana, they will sing about it for the next 100 years.”
Argentina nearly did. But after failing, Brazilians can breathe.

Tormenting Brazil
In the days leading to Sunday, an estimated 100,000 Argentines poured into Rio to torment mostly Brazil about how “their father had come to collect the World Cup trophy.” Every corner of Rio had a blue and white shirt. The Avenida Atlantica was invaded by the enemy, who in no time took over the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon.
They had come to witness history. The crowd in the stadium included a certain Carlos Tevez , dropped controversially by coach Alejandro Sabella. A World Cup victory in Brazil would have been the sweetest achievement of all. Argentina fans loved reminding Brazilians of the 7-1 annihilation from Estadio Mineirao.
They taunted them on Maradona being better than Pele and Lionel Mesi being superior to Neymar.
When Germany players ran onto the pitch for their warm-up session, they were welcomed by a huge thud of noise in approval. Germany were not playing for only themselves, they were playing for a country.

Germany colours
Brazilian fans wore Germany shirts. Others painted themselves in black, red and yellow, colours of the Germany flag.
When Germany had possession, decibel levels of acclamation grew. When Argentina stroked the ball around, support from their tens of thousands of fans was met by boos. Argentina were on their own. Germany had found a willing ally against a common enemy. The 7-1 massacre was a thing of the past, Germany was Brazil’s best friend.
As the game entered extra time, support for either side turned into apprehension.
Germany had been the better side territorially but Argentina kept coming and creating chances at Manuel Neuer’s goal.
When Mario Gotze struck, the non-Argentines in the Maracana turned wild in euphoria. It was bliss for them.
Argentina had been beaten in the final. It was Brazil’s only high of the week, Germany’s fourth World Cup.It did not matter to them that Germany are one win away from equaling Brazil’s record of 5 titles.
Argentina’s gloom was their delight. It did not matter to them that Germany are one win away from equaling Brazil’s record of 5 titles.
Argentina’s gloom was their delight.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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