Bobi Wine Unplugged After Five Years

Five years ago, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, ‘premiered’ at Silk’s monthly Unplugged shows.

It was a thriller, according to many patrons. Some people, however, argued that he put up such a show because the battle of champions show – in which he had competed with Bebe Cool in October 2009 – had just ended and that fans were still arguing about who had won.

Last Thursday, Bobi Wine was at it again. The self-proclaimed ‘ghetto president’ had just had a successful launch of his latest Byekwaso single at One Love beach in Busabala and it was time to show unplugged lovers what he is.

The fans showed up in lacklustre mood and by 10pm one would think that the show had been postponed. The low turnout didn’t seem to be a problem, because the show didn’t kick off until 11pm. Solid band, which Bobi Wine used, took a long time to set up.

Slowly, the fans trickled in. There was no stage, but white draping on the side and space for the band.

It actually turned out to be a good innovation because the artiste has ample space to mingle with fans and also perform.

Nubian Lee curtain-raised the show, doing a rendition of Philly Lutaaya’s Empisazo, Bobi Wine’s elder brother Eddy Yawe then came on with Mukayeebe and You’re Leaving.

At twenty minutes to midnight, the man of the night jumped on stage amid cheers with Mazzi Mawanvu, Mr Money, Carolina, the rendition of the late Paul Kafeero’s Dipo Nazigala.

He thanked his fans for supporting and believing in him, including his wife Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi, who was in the audience with a front row seat cheering and dancing away the night.

He requested the band to slow down as he did Akagoma, the 2001 single which threw him into the limelight. He went to Dilemma, although Cindy who he did it with was not in the house to support him, he nailed it. Nyimbira Kabaka, Teriyo Mulimu Mubi, also came in the mix.

In the audience, there was a surprise guest: Jose Chameleone, with his crew watching the proceedings and saying that he had come to support music, but fans were not convinced.

With his upcoming One Man One Million concert at Serena hotel, he has been attending every concert using every opportunity he can get to announce it. He joined Bobi Wine on stage as they free-styled Wale Wale.

Mickie Wine came on briefly, but he also focused on announcing his upcoming concert at Whispers club than singing. At 1am, the ghetto president performed Promise, especially for his wife and wound-up the show with Byekwaso.

Source : The Observer

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