Blessings follow excellence

“Hey, by the way, I have noticed that you have been here for many years. That’s quite interesting” I said to a lady who warmly received me to check in at Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel.

“Yeah, you see when you work hard, and deliver, you get more blessings in the form of promotions. As you get promoted, the pay increases and you are happier in the process too. At the end of the day, you find that there is no need to move to somewhere else” she asserted with a sense of pride in her voice and an ear to ear smile that said “Yes, I know it and am not surprised to be where I am today”.

To keep her identity, let’s just call her Miss Marie. I was facilitating a retreat at the same hotel and over 40 people came in at once and she was part of the team serving. But you could tell that she was calm. Not only that, she was exuding pride, passion and excellence in her job.

I liked her mention of blessings. And it makes sense. Why should the universe offer you another opportunity if you have either abused or misused the one you have been given? Wouldn’t it make sense that the same blessing follows someone who is diligent, loyal, hardworking, has integrity and delivers with a touch of excellence? Let’s suppose you were the creator of the universe, who would you choose? Since you are a brilliant person, I know what your guess is. And that’s my point.

It’s time to celebrate the old virtues of hard work, loyalty, integrity and excellence rather than following some cheap talk around individuals who are ‘smart enough to beat the system’ through unscrupulous means to get what they want. Of course usually that’s not sustainable. But the Miss Maries of this world have the formula right. It’s spot on. It delivers. It’s sustainable. It’s worth celebrating.

In fact let me tell you about a little habit of mine. Whenever I find someone who is exceptional in service, I always, make it a point to find their line managers to alert them about the sort of gem they have.
Unfortunately for Miss Marie, I was so busy during that time that I remembered while typing these words. But I will make it up. Oh, I would encourage you to do the same when you find someone exceptional especially in the service area rather than only reporting those who don’t perform.

My challenge for you this week is to stretch yourself and recommit to be a person of hard work and most importantly, excellence. Because when you do, blessings have no choice but to follow you. And I really love it when those guys and girls called blessings chase you around until they come into your life. Do your work with excellence and blessings will start knocking. When they do, please open the door for their grand entrance, okay?.
Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, a motivational speaker, author and HR consultant

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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