Blend of Comedy and Music, Poetry At Pablo Live

You can imagine how it feels if you are treated to a blend of comedy, music and poetry.

A soothing experience it is, indeed. This is what happened on Friday as Pablo Live hosted Tanzanian comedian Evans Bakuku. The show, at National theatre, began at hilarious cut when Pablo took the podium to ‘dissect’ the happenings in the world cup. He told of how some people watch football, not because they love it, but because that’s what is trending now.

And of course, Suarez biting an Italian player earlier in the week could not miss on the menu. And Pablo, as always, had to take the clock back to his school time – singing some of the forgotten lullabies – the crowd sang along.

He referred to the way exams were set then. “Instructions would read: section A is compulsory and choose only two numbers in B, but you find there are only two numbers there.

And then came the poetry dual – Slim and Gilbert are their names- from the Lantern Meet of Poets group. The word rhymes brought a thrilling part of the trade. If anything, it showed poetry recitals have a place in the theatres. The two did not disappoint – it was entertainment for fine palates that did blend well with comedy. And it showed there is still hope for the literary arts after all.

The music interlude from Band Bracha was just perfect. This time, Herbert Ssegujja, that man who mimics Museveni, was on point. All his jokes, from teaching the audience how to be a pastor, finding a name for a new church, to the pigs in Parliament, were hilarious. Pablo’s guest, Evans Bakuku, did his best. He took on the flight companies and how they inform their customers to get ready for a certain flight.

The Nigerian airlines’ way got patrons off their seats. Yet his journey to China was ‘killer’. He demonstrated how he used sign language to ask for food. After having a good meal, he asked what he had eaten only to be told, ‘Meow’. He had eaten a cat.

“If you are going to China, go with a picture of what you want to eat,” he said, amid cheers.

Source : The Observer

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