Bishop Unveils Anti-Museveni Prayer

Speaking at the launch of the push for electoral reforms in Tororo on Friday, Col Dr Besigye said use of guns was costly to any country’s economy and destroyed innocent human lives.

“If you want to know how costly the use of guns is, then visit Luweero, northern Uganda and Teso regions where thousands of skulls are lying open,” Besigye said at Tororo Youth Centre.

“We used guns to come to power in 1986 with a vision of ushering in democratic change but up to date, we are still fighting to attain democracy,” he said.

“I must remind Gen [Mugisha] Muntu [FDC president] that we struggled in the bush war to bring to Ugandans a dictator and there is no one going to solve that unless I and Muntu fight to restore order amidst dictators we brought.”

Besigye said most Ugandans wanted guns to oust President Museveni. But he insisted that civilians had more power than the army. Citing the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings, he said all people needed was to unite and fight to achieve the common goal of democracy.

DP President Norbert Mao said Ugandans should not expect an angel from heaven to come and liberate them from the shackles of President Museveni’s regime.

“Not even the world’s giants like [US President] Barack Obama, [UN leader] Ban Ki-moon and [UK Prime Minister] David Cameron will save Ugandans because they are more interested in homosexuality than human freedoms,” Mao said.

While blessing the launch, Bishop Eric Okoth said the NRM regime had shown it was incapable of organizing free and fair elections. The bishop noted that there was nothing new the NRM regime could offer to Ugandans apart from rigging elections to stay in power.

The retired assistant bishop of Kampala, Zac Niringiye, asked all Christians and Muslims to pray for the president in a truthful and realistic way.

“Tell God the truth about your country and this is how we should pray for the president, ‘God save Museveni, God remove Museveni from being president,’ this is the same prayer I used during [dictator Idi] Amin’s brutal regime,” the bishop said.

Source : The Observer

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