Bishop calls for tougher laws against defilement

BUSHENYI. West Ankole Bishop Yona Katonene has appealed to government to create tougher laws to punish defilers and rapists who ruin children’s future.
Bishop Katoneene said strict punishments like life imprisonment, especially of parents who rape and defile their daughters, need to be enforced.
He made the remarks while delivering his Easter message at his office at Bweranyangi Hill in Bushenyi Town last Friday.
“At this time of Easter when we are celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, defilement and rape cases against our young girls and women have sickened the country, which is a disgrace. The church has done its work and the media should help us expose the culprits so as to protect our little girls for a brighter future,” Bishop Katonene said.
He said parents who rape their daughters are given lighter punishments by courts, urging the church, media and government to condemn, expose and punish the perpetrators.
“Parents have raped their daughters and infected them with HIV and we have seen them being jailed for three years. This is quite unfair,” Bishop Katonene said.
“The Parliament has that task ahead to ensure protection of minors like children and women who have fallen prey to ungodly men. Such people who rape and defile young girls need life imprisonment,” he added. The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, had earlier said police are challenged by the increase in the cases because parents and guardians have turned the offence into a business.
The bishop, who has faced opposition from some Christians in the diocese, especially in Sheema District, called for unity and truth if the Church of Christ is to be built and extended to generations to come.

Leading crimes
According to the 2013 police crime report, sexual violence (rape and defilement) are the leading sexual related crimes standing at 1,0640 cases.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor