Big Mike’s Absolut Valhalla

Music genres have over the years dominated the dance floor, from the likes of reggae and dancehall, to techno and reggaeton.

Of late, a new music genre has cropped up – electro dance music (EDM). EDM is a set of percussive genres produced primarily for dance-based environments such as nightclubs. This music is largely created by DJs through their mixes. It is a unique mixture of techno, disco and hip hop.

In early 2008, the music gained global acceptance after one DJ Guetta embarked on a mission of collaborating with other celebrated mainstream artistes. Ever since, the genre has taken root with others digging in, including Lady Gaga, Akon, Calvin Harris, Chris Brown and Black Eyed Peas with their runaway I Got a Feeling.

Some Ugandan artistes like Naava Grey tried the music out on songs like Aliba Waani, although others such as Michael Ross fell flat. Last week Absolut Vodka in conjunction with Valhalla256 organized the first ever Valhalla EDM night at Big Mike’s bar along John Babiiha (Acacia) avenue.

The night also doubled as the launch of the very first Absolut bar in East Africa and opened at 8pm with dark and haunting turntable mixes by DJ Vicky from Sweden.

This wasn’t your ordinary mix where you could shake or nod the head it was fast, engaging, robotic and even soothing in places. Compare it to a mixtape of Avicii meets Swedish House Mafias, meets Fat Boy Slim it was addictive like rock ‘n’ roll, but cultured.

According to Scott Chanceller, the sales development manager for Absolut Vodka, the spirit makers are synonymous with the arts, especially after working with various festivals around the world. Brian Muhumuza of Valhalla256 noted that the night is about letting loose and enjoying the moment. Alongside Absolut Vodka, they hope to organize a Valhalla festival next year.

Valhalla nights and festivities originate from Sweden where a Norse mythology belief states that people don’t die but simply travel to a ‘city of the slain’. Their festivals, usually characterized by hard drinking and music, have since spread to Italy, Spain, Brazil and in some African countries.

Source : The Observer

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