Beware of fake scholarship offers

On Wednesday at 7pm, my daughter, now on a Senior Four vacation, received a phone call from number +256756529925 telling her that she had won a scholarship for a computer course during her vacation.

The caller, a lady, said she should go for an interview at that time. My daughter asked them to call her back shortly. She then told me about the call and asked whether I had applied for any scholarship for her.

When they called back, I asked them how they got my daughter’s number, they said they got it from her former school. St. Lawrence schools only ask for parents’ or guardians’ telephone contacts not their students. They always call parents in case of anything and not students. My daughter had never applied for a scholarship for anything nor had the school told us about any such arrangement.

What got me worried is why call a student at 7pm for an interview?

I have talked to some people who have had similar incidences and who have described these as conmen. But it is important that parents know. It could be a network targeting teenagers during vacation to lure them into immoral or unscrupulous activities.
Very concerned parent

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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