Besigye wants Opondo arrested


Former FDC president Dr Kizza Besgye has asked the authorities to arrest Media Center boss, Ofwono Opondo for holding Political activist Sam Mugumya illegally.
Dr Besigye’s appeal comes after Mr Opondo claimed that Mr Mugumya who has been missing for the last three weeks had confessed and implicated senior political activists including some opposition members of parliament over alleged links to rebel activities in DR Congo.
In a telephone interview on Sunday, Mr Opondo told Daily Monitor that Mr Mugumya had linked some opposition members including MPs to subversive activities and as a result government was closely monitoring them.
“Opondo must be treated as a criminal because he is holding a citizen of Uganda illegally,” said Dr Besigye.
Dr Besigye added that even if Mr Mugumya confessed, it would be a useless confession because it would have been obtained under duress.

On government monitoring the opposition members, the former presidential candidate said it is not a new thing.
“We have been charged with treason before, If they have evidence against me, they should come and arrest me instead of disgracing our country with unfounded allegations.”
DP Secretary General Mr Mathias Nsubuga said that the NRM government was trying to find an excuse for its failure.
“NRM is in the same position as UPC in 1964 and they are trying to make a scapegoat of the opposition, they should watch what they are trying to do because it would be unfortunate if they have failed to remember the history of this country.”
Ishaka municipality Member of Parliament Odo Tayebwa challenged Mr Opondo to name the opposition members that Mugumya allegedly implicated.
He should mention the names of those involved in the rebel activities. We have just won in Amuru and we are consolidating on ground, we should not be diverted by Opondo.
In the wake of his disappearance, Mr Opondo released a half naked photo of Mr Mugumya and tweeted “Dr Kizza Besigye’s Aide Sam Mugumya under detention in Beni, DRC by the army there for engaging in rebel activities.”
Several attempts to speak to Mr Opondo ended in futility as he did not take our calls.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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