Being friends with her girls

I don’t understand why she thinks I have to be friends with her friends. I mean, I do not expect her to like all my friends, and in fact because she cannot stand most of my friends, I have had to keep them out of her way.

In contrast, she expects me to find every person she is friendly with agreeable. Most of the time, this is not a problem because I go to lengths to avoid scenarios where two or more of them are gathered.

But one cannot hide forever. About a month ago, they gathered. They were celebrating something strange because they had been friends for so long, they wanted to celebrate for staying true. Thinking about it, they had a point girl relationships are as stable as quicksand.

They came with their men, those who had and I had to be there because it was my house. The event went well, there were no fights or quarrels even when the girls started getting tipsy and their true natures started coming out.
Fast forward to last weekend. I ran into two of the girls in a mall. They acted as if we were the best of chummies. But, I hardly knew these girls. I could not even remember the name of one of them. Politely, I said hello. They looked like they wanted to chat, but I had things to do.

Besides, what did they want to chat about with me? I do not know them. They must have missed the ‘politely’ part because Elle later asked me why I had treated her friends with such rudeness! Apparently, I had looked at them like strangers, treated them like they were wasting my time and brushing them aside, stomped off.
Elle would have probably let it go as one of those girl issues, but the problem came in when I laughed. I mean, it was just absurd what these girls had told Elle. My laughing ticked her off, and she went on and on about how I always treat her friends as if they are strangers.

That I do not even like her friends, I simply tolerate them, and most of the time I can hardly disguise how they bore me. If she had not been so serious, I would have laughed because that is the truth. When I managed to edge a word in, I told her how her friends are hers and mine are mine I cannot like someone simply because she liked that person! Plus, some of her friends are really good people and I consider them my friends.

But, she was not letting me get off that easily she wanted me to treat all her friends as if they were precious to me, even the annoying ones like that friend of hers who talks and talks until you get a headache.

For peace’s sake, I promised I would try to be a better friend, but what I meant was I would pretend more. After all, isn’t that what relationships are all about? Pretense disguised as compromise.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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