Before you extract your tooth

Everyone has had their tooth removed at one point in their lives. Several factors can lead to tooth extraction including, decay, severe gum disease or an accident.
However, irrespective of the cause, it is recommended that only one tooth should be removed at a time.

In cases where two damaged teeth are on different sides of the jaw, it is aisable that they be removed two weeks apart.
The reason for this is that as one side of the extracted tooth heals, a person can use the other side to eat food and engage in other dental related functions.
It also helps to reduce the risk of over-bleeding, especially if the bleeding trends of the patient are not known.

However, there have been cases where dentists have opted to have two teeth removed from a particular individual at the same time. One of such circumstance is when the affected teeth are damaged beyond repair.

Though in such a case, the affected teeth must also be close to one another, on the same jaw and same quadrant (same section upper left, right or lower right or left).

When such extraction is carried out, the dentist performing the procedure should ensure to monitor the patient up to the point when the wound heals or poses no further risk to the overall dental health.

It is also aisable to perform such a procedure on teeth that are weak or whose upper parts (crown) have been lost.

Easy steps to follow
Soon after a tooth extraction has taken place, the following factors can help in ensuring a fast healing process.
•A person whose tooth has been extracted should not continuously spit bloody saliva, as this helps in stopping blood from oozing out of the socket (extracted wound).
•Remove the cotton from the socket (wound) at least 40 minutes after the procedure.
•Do not brush teeth or the particular point where the extraction has been undertaken immediately.
•Do not touch the socket with your fingers before healing takes place, as this could introduce germs in the mouth.
•Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours, as this can encourage bleeding and delay the healing process.
•Eat and drink lukewarm food and water respectively, but avoid chewing on the side of the extracted tooth
•Take the recommended medication as prescribed by the dentist.
•Visit a dentist when you do not notice any improvement in the healing process.

The writer is a dentist

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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