Bebe Cool jumps out of Mbabazi trap, reiterates he is Museveni die hard

Musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has come up to reiterate his undying support for President Museveni over his opponents.

Bebe Cool was on Sunday invited to Mbabara to perform on an event- Western awards meant to award the different media persons that had excelled in the region. The musician however swears he was not tipped on who the guest of honour for the event was only for him to be surprised by the ex -premier, Amama Mbabazi showing up.

To make matters worse, Bebe Cool was already on stage and midway his performance when the promoter asked him to acknowledge the presence of Amama Mbabazi while the organisers flocked the back stage with recorders and cameras, an honor the musician turned down without ceremony.

An angry Bebe Cool later took to his social media and lashed out at the organizers for putting him in a compromising situation knowing very well that he is an ardent supporter of President Museveni. He wrote:

Am shocked by Uganda’s politics, i was paid to perform in Mbarara at an event dubbed ‘Western awards’ to my shock as i perform my second song guest of honor arrives at around 11:30 Amama Mbabazi and wife.For God’s sake mr promoter am a MUSEVENI DIE HARD and setting me up to recognise Mbabazi could not work out coz it was just too obvious.

Speaking to this newspaper, Bebe Cool however said that Mbabazi’s presence is not his problem, but rather the fact that the promoters wanted him to publicly acknowledge it makes the situation tricky.
Bebe Cool also rubbished the allegations that his support for the President is backed by the financial help he has obtained from Mr Museveni on several occasions.

“Whoever comes up with that idea is a lame, I come from a well off family, I am a top artist” He said
“I like the president, not the people around him, I never supported my own father, besides, the likes of Mababazi are the ones that frustrated Bidandi Ssali, and does he expect me to clap for him? The people saying am getting money from the Government, I was shot by the police, the government was ordered by court to pay, I have not been paid up to date, If Museveni gives me money, is it not a call away for me to get that money?” He added

On whether his support for President Museveni, let alone the NRM would cause divisions amongst his fans, Bebe affirmed that his fans are free to support any party of their choice. “It’s their freedom, they should express themselves, so should I as Bebe Cool, because it’s my right. My only problem is when they try to become abusive, that’s why some of them will be blocked.” Bebe said.

He also hinted that he will be taking active part in the 2016 elections, first by using his page to lead in mature political discussions with fans no matter their political affiliation.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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