Bebe Cool Breathes Life Into the Plugs

Self-proclaimed ‘Big Size Extra-Large’ Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has had quite a year.

He commanded space on entertainment scene earlier in the year when he took jabs at local DJs for not being “patriotic” by concentrating on Nigerian music. The war still rages on though, it has lost the storm. He then had an accident while coming from Lido beach in Entebbe, where the Goodlfye boys held their Neera concert.

He dropped Love You Every Day, a single that has set the bar high for 2014 releases. Then came his Nkola Byafayo concert at the Kampala Serena hotel recently, which was a massive success. Basically, he has been on a rollercoaster ride, having booking every other week.

Last Thursday, he was lined up for Club Silk’s monthly Unplugged shows. Last month, the club had Don MC, Rabadaba and Nince Henry, but the singers, who were supposed to revamp the theme night (after its short break), didn’t live up to the billing. The trio, save for Nince Henry, was lacklustre.

So, all the club’s hopes were in Bebe Cool, and he didn’t disappoint when he put up a spirited performance. Silk set up quite a nice stage in the far end of Royale. It had a white background – with the band facing the audience. Bebe Cool’s Gagamel band was already set up by 9pm – though it took them another hour to start.

MC Percy introduced the band members and one-by-one, they sampled the crowd. From Gaga Bounty, Jackie, Ronnie Mutabaazi, Angel, Shot Kut and Afrigo band’s Rude Boy Devo (not that he switched bands, but he has a good relationship with Bebe Cool), they all tried to outdo each other.

At 11pm, Bebe Cool got on the stage with coloured blue pants, white shoes and a blue shirt. It wasn’t a full house yet, which was shocking for a singer like Bebe Cool, but at least his stage delivery was spot on – with the sound, backup singers and band all being in sync.

He started off with Fire Burn, Lonely, and Nasalawo before pausing to sample a few of his past songs. He then called out Edith Kay, another of the Gagamel singers, to show off her vocals – doing Ekyama. The girl can sing, alright, but her voice is too pitchy just when you want to feel the song, she ends up shouting.

Bebe Cool thanked the crowd as always and boasted of being the pace-setter, calling out the other players to give him some competition. He then belted out hit after hit: Ntuyo Nzange, Kamwako, Talimba Yesu, Nkola Byafayo, Tomalira Budde, and Praise God , among others. But he saved the best for last – Love You Every Day, which had Club beer’s Shem Semambo join him on stage.

Semambo is like the face of Unplugged but has been missing in action for the past months. The crowd couldn’t stop singing along word-for-word and he was asked for an encore, which he gave. At 12:30am, the curtains came down.

Source : The Observer

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