Beautiful From Far, Far From Beautiful

Many dudes will attest to this. You see a hot babe from a distance but the closer you get, the more un-pretty she appears.

I have fallen victim to this phenomenon countless times. Whether approaching from the front or back, no one seems to be safe. I am a self-confessed lover of the back view. Countless times I approached a kyana, well curved from behind, true African beauty.

Sometimes she is walking towards the stage to board a taxi. The last time this happened, I stopped my bike just a few metres away to give her a lift. Then a thought crossed my mind. “Do the usual drill,” said the little voice in my head. So I obliged, rode past her and turned to check out her face. I accelerated like a madman.

Phew, that was close! I have had those close encounters many times. Of course I can give any human being a lift, but the motive also matters. By the way, have you noticed that quite often the pretty faces are not well endowed in other departments?

How about the light-skinned people? The debate about Zari and Zuena may never be settled. Are they beautiful or just striking because of their skin colour? Do they stand a chance once put against someone like Flavia Tumusiime of Capital FM, NBS’ Argatha Loswash, or the socialite of the moment – Desire Luzinda?

Now that is up to you to decide, depending on your taste and preference. At least for Luzinda, we have seen uncut pictures of her so, I am sure of what lies underneath the clothes. Therefore, when you decide to go in for her, you know what to expect, instead of getting a big disappointment when the clothes come off.

Luzinda has more than topped the list of Uganda guys’ fantasies after what has befallen her. Unlike some chicks who leaked their nudes and the brothers were disappointed beyond repair. They have since become irrelevant. Without mentioning names, one socialite was described as “bony and dry” after her nudes went viral. Guys get disappointed after getting a ripe mango, seemingly so succulent and juicy, only to peel it and find it is rotten inside.

Man, clothes cover a lot of things! For the record, Desire has set the bar too high to the extent that this may mark the end of an era. Who can dare show her nakedness after her? Sister, you will be judged harshly. It is funny how the unexpected things take Uganda to the international scene.

Her pose where she covers her breasts and does an inverted victory sign in her mid-section is trending world over. Now mbu she faces a jail sentence. Why? How about her tormenter who is Nigerian but quickly got a Ugandan passport? How about we support our own? Let us encourage her to hold another concert.

This time people will pay cash unlike what happened at her previous concert where the so-called ‘big’ people reserved tables on credit. They are the reason she is indebted, which has led to her photos being leaked by the jilted lover. One thing stood out for her, and most guys I have talked to attest to it. She is beautiful from far, beautiful from close range and beautiful with or without clothes. Please give her a break!

Source : The Observer

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