Be mindful of the environment

One of the most fragile areas for due consideration during this festive season is how our actions are affecting mother nature, the environment.
Irresponsible and unsustainable holiday making and merriment may either affect the rights and privileges of others or damage the environment.
As we wine and dine, celebrating the passing of another year, why don’t we consider actions that will gift nature, such as carrying a trash bag in the car, consider environmentally friendly approaches of disposing of waste, use of fuel efficient stoves, reduce food waste, be conscious of our neighbours before we turn on the volume of your public address system and contribute to sustainable approaches, plant a tree or two to replace one that was cut to make the charcoal used in cooking it may as well help in absorbing the carbon dioxide that was emitted by the car you travelled in. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Bob Nuwagira,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor