Be a Little Selfish With Your Fruits [opinion]

A certain friend of mine made a silly joke one day as we were doing a community pharmacy survey on medicine brands in Uganda: ‘Enno bagula Postinor ng’emmele.”

Loosely translated, it means ‘here girls buy Postinor as a delicacy.’ The rate at which emergency contraceptives move, the producing company must be dancing with glee over the overwhelming profits. A client may buy Postinor on such a regular basis that you, the vendor, is the one who gets embarrassed.

Funny enough though, it is the smart, eloquent elites who know about and take these interventions, yet reading the leaflets that come with the packaging by and large eludes their sense of judgement.

Then there are the random couples who buy ‘man power’ (as they love to call it), pregnancy test kits, emergency contraceptives and HIV test strips, all in one purchase. It beats my understanding whether they understand the word ’emergency’!

This thing (Postinor) is supposed to be taken once in a month because each time a woman takes it, she bleeds. Supposing you take it three times in a month how many times will you bleed? No wonder many of them complain of nonstop bleeding and delayed conception when push comes to shove.

I was discussing with a senior colleague, a pharmacist, and he lamented on how men are so selfish as to deliberately buy for their girlfriends emergency contraceptives, with no care at all about the side effects on them.

I trust your mother to caution you on the dos and don’ts of sex, but as a qualified pharmacist, I too will tell you that before you allow any Tom to plough your garden just like that, fwaa… first be a little selfish with your fruits.

How can you accept a careless farmer to plant unwelcome seeds all the time in the name of pleasure? I am simply saying, be in charge of your body. Tom is neither going to bleed, swallow the pills (feel the side effects of the pill) nor go through the emotional blackmail of paranoia over a suspected pregnancy.

So if you yield to his whims, along the lines that ‘I do not feel anything when we use condoms’, you will end up taking Postinor after every ‘match’ (he should marry you already!). Imagine if it is three or more times a week. The previous dose cannot cover for tomorrow’s risk!

A wise girl should be using condoms or family planning pills or injectaplan, or better still, IUD (it does not mess with your hormones). Yes, in that order, depending on your level of trust. They are cheaper and longer-lasting than emergency pills. It is your call.

Nankya walks into the pharmacy with a serious but agitated face and asks for P-2. She quickly discards the packaging material, puts the pills in her handbag and then scurries off.

First, she does it in such haste that we cannot get time to probe and explain the other available methods. Secondly, how can we when some Dick is on the counter informing us that his friend Harry is in need of man power? He even asks coyly what it is used for, as if he does not know already. Mscheeeeeeeeew!

Ladies, learn to stand proud and say no to scheming men. You can imagine the painful memory you will have of all the blood you lost because of a particular son of Adam! I understand your plight of conceiving before marriage, but you know prevention is better than cure.

Your mental and body health should come first, pleasure second.

Watch out!

Source : The Observer


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