Baby Kevin Back to India for Heart Surgery

Kevin Vianney Kasumba, the baby boy whose heart ailment The Observer first highlighted mid last year, (See: Baby Kevin has two weeks to live, The Observer, June 26, 2014) returned to India on Wednesday, for his second surgery.

The initial report from the Uganda Heart Institute at Mulago hospital said Kevin, born on June 14, 2011, was battling three heart-related ailments. After our initial story and a social media campaign, sufficient money was raised to enable Kevin and his mother travel to India, where his initial surgery and treatment was a success.

“Kevin has improved since then,” says his mother Josephine Nakiberu. “He is able to walk, a thing he could not do. He is ready to go back to India for the final open heart surgery to close the hole in the heart.”

This time round, despite a lack of a similar aggressive campaign to mobilise funds to offset hospital bills, Nakiberu has decided to take her chances and travel to India against all odds.

Nakiberu says that she can only hope that by the time the surgery is complete, she will have collected the total sum of Shs 14,750,000, which is needed for the hospital bills.

The two are travelling courtesy of invoices for flight tickets that Bank of Uganda gave Baby Kevin and his mother in the last financial year. Nakiberu says she must use this offer before the end of the financial year in June otherwise, she risks losing it and incurring another expense on travel.

To reduce on medical bills, Nakiberu says she found an alternative hospital Narayana Health in Bangalore, India which will charge her $5000 (Shs 14,750,000) rather than the anticipated $13,700 (Shs 40,415,000).

With the help of friends, she has managed to collect some Shs 9 million and is now looking for Shs 5 million.

“We are kindly appealing for your contribution towards this final step to ensure Kevin enjoys life to its fullest,” Nakiberu says.

Money can be deposited directly into Kevin’s account with the following details: name, Vianney Kevin Kasumba bank, Stanbic Bank branch: Aponye Mall account number: 9030009334415. Mobile money contributions can be sent to Nakiberu Josephine on 0773620727.

Source : The Observer


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