Babe of the Week – Deweyi Mends Hearts for a Living [analysis]

Ask Jackie Namataka Deweyi, popularly known as Jaq-Deweyi, any day what she does for a living and she will tell you, “creating connections and mending hearts.”

Her acoustic voice on KFM’s Late Night show is a breath of refresh air for listeners some looking for love, others looking to mend their broken relationships, and yet others to express their love. The programme, also dubbed, ‘creating connections and mending hearts,’ aired between 8pm and 12 midnight every Monday to Friday, is an epitome on intimacy.

Deweyi’s skills at understanding the needs of different callers have inspired many to open up their life’s deepest secrets on air. One memorable story is about a caller who expressed his exasperation for his wife who slept out and only returned to him and the children in the mornings.

“He requested that he tells his story while her parents listened. When the woman was called, she gave her version of the story but later admitted her fault. They are now back together and this is the objective of the show – mending hearts,” she says.


The chirpy and amiable Deweyi became fascinated with radio during her childhood and was impressed by DJ Ronnie, on Capital FM. Today, she is 27 and living her dreams.

It was during her senior six vacations, in 2006, that Deweyi had one of her defining experiences in life. She was introduced to Keita Anguzu, the marketing manager at Bob FM.

“After three months of training, I was given a weekend programme to present,” she recalls.

Later, Deweyi went on to become the presenter for the Bob Hour Drive show which features every Monday to Friday between 4pm and 7pm. She also became the presenter for the Saturday countdown show, ‘Yellow Top 40.’

After two years at Bob, Deweyi had made her mark as a radio presenter and carried this with her to Touch FM, where she worked for four months on the morning show with ‘Mystery’ (Franko Baitwa). Then it was time for a new challenge.

“Although there was no formal call for applications at KFM, I placed in mine, because I wanted to work there. For about three months, I kept coming for voice tests and my persistence paid off. I started presenting the K-Drive show with Dave,” Deweyi remembers.

There was yet another opening after Specy, the presenter of K-Zone, KFM’s late night show, left. Deweyi was the perfect substitute and it is now a year-and-a-half that she has been presenting the show.

She says the most fulfilling part of her work is when people tune in and find love and comfort. Bringing in professional counselors to the show has boosted the show’s ratings.


Deweyi’s day schedules are dynamic. On some days, she is up by 6am and on others not until 9am. She in office by 2pm preparing for the late night show, sorting emails and letters and getting in touch with those who provide contacts.

On some days, she goes to the studio to record songs, because she is also a music artiste. She currently has eight recordings under her belt. She recorded her first single, ‘Oukwamunabi’ (Lugisu word for hope) early in 2013 and released it in April the same year.


Musician and radio presenter aside, she also plays the role of country ambassador for the hepatitis B disease, a serious liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus.

“My role as an ambassador is to spread awareness about the disease and appeal to people to get tested and vaccinated against this fatal virus,” she tells The Observer.

She does this mainly through her music.


Deweyi was born to Jesca Namusisi and the late Fred Deweyi and is the first born of four children. She attended Taibah College School for O and A-level where she was in charge of music, dance and drama activities. However, life almost came to a standstill after her father passed on when she was in senior five.

“I got hysterical and paralysed, which saw me in and out of school. However, I managed to successfully complete senior six in 2005,” she recalls forlornly.

During her senior six vacations, Deweyi managed her father’s rentals before working as a sales supervisor with Warid Telecom. She went on to work with New Life Publishers before joining Bob FM.

Deweyi enrolled for a bachelor in Procurement and Logistic Supplies at Makerere University Business School (Mubs), but dropped out.

“The programme was boring and not of any interest to me. I instead enrolled at UMCAT for a diploma in Mass Communication in 2010,” she says.

She graduated in 2012. During her free time, Deweyi enjoys listening and making music, making friends and cooking.

Source : The Observer


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