Babe of the Week – Anne, the Banker With a Radio Voice

If you have listened to Power FM’s ‘Tonight show’ on week days, you have heard Anne’s soothing voice delivering regular tots of wisdom.

But if you are also a Bank of Africa customer, then, unknown to you, you have most probably seen Anne, who is a banking officer there. One thing that stands out when you meet Annet Mirembe is how spiritual she sounds. Hardly a sentence is complete without her mentioning God.

And it is God that she credits for everything she has been able to achieve. She tells a story of her interview for the Bank of Africa job. She had a terrible headache, and could hardly speak.

“I felt a pain inside of me trying to suffocate me! It was more spiritual than physical pain. I later got the job and this was purely God’s hand and a great miracle.”

On her captivating radio voice, she says it probably comes from her singing: “I have always been singing since Sunday school and I was a member of Watoto Church choir.”

The last-born child in a family of nine children, Anne has endured some tough moments in her life, most especially the death of her doting dad. She aises the youths to work hard by identifying their passion and going after it resolutely. She fielded a few more questions from this writer:

So who is Annet Mirembe?

I am the last-born child of Mr William Mugerwa [RIP] and Mrs Peruth Mugerwa. We are a family of nine children. My dad was a permanent secretary in the ministry of Lands and my mother is a businesswoman.

What does it feel like being a last-born child?

[Laughs… ]I feel normal. My mother loves all of us the same. They say she used to pamper me when I was a child. But I can see she cares for each one of us.

You talked about your dad’s death how did you take it?

I remember I had come back for holidays from Wanyange Girls School. I was in shock! I almost lost my mind! It was a period of blankness of mind. I remember I shook violently! I didn’t know what to think because I had seen him sick on his death bed!

How did you move on then?

I was about 15 years. Of course I missed him! I had looked up to dad as a provider and protector! Now he was dead. I wondered what he would say about certain things I do! Like the kind of people I associate with, the kind of job I do! But God and my family have helped me move on gly.

What did you find most challenging during the early days of bereavement?

The fact that dad visited me at school on time… paying school fees but thank God my brother came on just in time, assisted by my mother too.

What was your earlier childhood like?

I grew up in Mutungo all my life. I remember we played all sorts of games from dodge ball, hide-and-seek, to climbing mango trees. These days some children no longer play these games. I remember we would get an excuse to go to the well just because we wanted to play. And when you wouldn’t come back with water, you know what happened!

Which schools did you attend?

St Kizito primary school in Bugolobi, Wanyange Girls for my Ordinary and Aanced level studies, and finally Makerere University where I attained a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration.

What did you like most about school?

It was stress-free! All you did was read books, have fun, make friends, eat… no worries!

Any particular things you hated about school?

Huh..I hated the first days of school! You know the pain of getting up early in the morning to go to school! I hated it so much but I got used to it later. I remember those days when one didn’t have grab yet VD[Visiting day] was still far!

How would you describe the woman that has come out of that little girl?

I think I am a reserved person and down to earth. I live life at its best each day.

What’s your philosophy about work?

You can never get rich on a salary! You have to be multi-dimensional. You have to use your brains to be successful! Unless, you are going to [engage in fraud] which isn’t right.

Are you married?

I am not married yet.

What qualities would your dream man have?

He must be a man who is after Jesus. Not just a God-fearing man, because everybody will say they fear God! A simple man, not complicated loving, understanding and truthful.

What do you like about working on radio?

Radio connects you to a lot of people and the fact that you can change somebody’s life you have never seen. I have listeners who always keep in touch about everything! They even know when you don’t work! There are those ones who even take the time to say good night! Sometimes when you feel like giving up! You remember a comment from one of your listeners this keeps you going.

Are there any moments when you don’t like it, though?

Sometimes you need to go home after work because you are tired then you remember you have to go on radio! There’s nothing like having public holidays on radio.

What do you love most about your banking job?

Oooh… It keeps me busy!

Any challenges?

It’s not flexible! You can’t say let me go out for a few minutes and do something else. You have to be there unless when you are sick!

Source : The Observer

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