Atiku formally declares 2015 presidential bid

 Promises all inclusive government

The former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, on Wednesday formally declared his intention to vie for the presidency in next year general election, saying he will never give up on Nigeria.

Atiku, who unfolded his plans for the nation, said he intend to run a government that will create a “Nigeria for all irrespective of region, tribe or religion.”

The ex-vice president while speaking at the formal declaration of his candidacy at the Shehu Yaradua Centre, Abuja, lamented that Nigeria of today is more divided than it was during the civil war with a disturbing rise in ethnic nationalism and religious bigotry while insecurity and disharmony thrives.

He said the gains recorded by the Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration have been eroded by the Goodluck Jonathan’s regime, with everything “practically working backward.”

He said, ood leadership is what is required to make good things happen. The glaring mismatch between the nations potential and its achievements has become for many a frustrating puzzle. For others, it is a topic for national debate and yet for another group, it is a doomsday lament.

“As a progressive and open-minded Nigerian, I consider it a golden opportunity and a bittersweet chance to display our courage, rekindle our innovative instinct, showcase our character and turn the Nigerian dream into reality.”

He lamented that while the Obasanjo’s administration in which he served as vice president was able to pay off nearly half of the nations foreign debt, the present government has continued to borrow more money when the price of oil has consistently been above 100 dollar per barrel since the inception of the current administration.

Budget implementation, according to him, has been on the decline since capital projects are poorly cash backed, while several major manufacturing firms have divested from the country.

The remaining ones are still operating far below the installed capacity due mainly to poor infrastructure, he stated.

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