Arua Town is in a sorry state

Allow me to express my disappointment with the state of Arua Town. Recently, I accompanied my friend to Mbale for his graduation. I had never been there before. Mbale is a nice town with many clean streets and beautiful buildings.
However, back in Arua, the roads are usually littered with rubbish. The number of mentally ill people roaming the streets is overwhelming. A visitor is greeted by dilapidated buildings, most of which appear to have been built in the early 1960s.
We have only one clean road which is Kampala-Arua-Juba road! Those in the town centre, are not any different from those in the village. We have people coming here, posing as investors, but they just end up messing the town.
A good number of these self-proclaimed investors operate business in makeshift structures.
The concerned authorities should look into this mess if we seriously want this town elevated.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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