Are You Ready for the Rains?

From the lookout, the rains seem to be fast approaching. Needless to emphasize, that calls for a change in tact with regard to dressing.

But not many geezers get this. Nothing looks awful like a guy, drenched by the rain, with his shirt stuck to his back like it’s another layer of skin. It simply shows lack of preparedness. Worse, one wouldn’t be wrong to ask: “what kind of man has NO sweater, jacket or raincoat?”

With that kind of question, you don’t want to be the kind of man for whom the rains spell doom and the cold weather simply exposes the ‘holes’ in his wardrobe – if any.

This is not about appearances only. It’s about your health too. Cold weather, no matter how macho you come, will ‘put you down’ if you do not confront it with the right clothes and or accessories.

Unless time is an asset in plentiful supply, you do not want to be delayed or even marooned at some town building veranda because you can’t walk to the next building as it is raining because you have no umbrella, trench coat or even raincoat.

Here are a few things you should quickly go find as arsenal for the rainy days.

1. Umbrella – like you, I will forget to return one after using it. They are easy to forget to carry around when it is NOT raining, but quite an essential accessory when it’s drizzling and you must get around without drenching your shirt or hurting your jacket. Just find a portable way to have one at your reach.

2. Mend your shoes to compliance. Some of you have those leather-soled shoes. They are great when the weather is dry, but you don’t want them soaking up with the stagnant waters from the rain.

If you are limited on choice, visit a good cobbler, they will add a plastic or rubber layer as insulation from soaking and you are good to go, pounding the wet streets. Alternatively, find more wet-compliant shoes from your collection. Full and half boots come in handy here for their manoeuvrability while keeping your feet warm too.

3. A cardigansweater. If your style is not compatible with jackets, a cardigan will go a long way in keeping you warm. There are varieties with water resistant materials that keep you dry should it drizzle or rain as you walk about in the middle of ‘no-where’.

There is no excuse for firmly folding your elbows, palms by the lips and shivering with goose pimples all over because you only have your nylon shirt on and nothing else!

4. Is there a man, worth the name without a jacket to his collection? While I cannot be so sure about the bit, ‘worth the name’ I know for sure some of you have no jackets and or if you do, they are a preserve for formal functions like weddings and funerals. Cummon, get a working jacket to see you through this cold weather.

5. Remember the German sitcom of old ‘Inspector Derrick’? We are talking about the trench coat here. There is something classic about sporting this look in the cold that will certainly leave heads turned your way. But more, these trench coats will sure serve you tops when it comes to keeping you warm, dry and smart!

Find one in neutral colours like khaki or navy blue, you won’t go wrong. For these, you don’t even need a trip downtown, just look out of the street there will probably be a vendor or two hanging a couple over their shoulders!

6. Raincoats and gumboots. The irony is that you will find most men wear the former in scorching-heat days but hitting the farm. The rains too call for gumboots too and not necessarily on the farm. With a city that can flood to knee-height, you may find it prudent to have a pair of gumboots in the trunk of your car – just in case! The same applies to raincoats.

See with these, you are NOT limited on the colouration. Colour is the new language spoken in the world of fashion. Accentuate your style by finding just those colours that will do the talking and brighten an otherwise dull rainy day.

Let’s also add that the rains have a way of washing down all the clutter that gathers uphill. These will include nails and other piercing objects. Now you better be careful where and how you step. For those who drive, you will notice you get more flat tyres in this season than before: are your spare tyre, wheel spanner and jerk on the ready? They better be!

Source : The Observer

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