Are women patient or bad drivers?

Iam sure you have heard the stereotype from many male drivers that women are bad drivers. Proving this may be a little hard because often you see a female driver change from a lane to another? Or hoot at the next driver when he makes a mistake?
“Women are patient and if you showed that you want to join the lane they would allow you to unlike men who rarely allow a person from another lane to join. We usually want to show that we are on time so the women score that mark of patience compared to us men,” says John Kalungi, a taxi driver on Ntinda, Kisasi Road.
Tracy Kyomuhendo drives to work at her office on Entebbe road and recalls how she had to replace her side mirrors almost three weeks after buying her car because of a male driver who tried to overtake her at Kibuye roundabout. “Men are usually impatient and even when you try to make an order, they think you are wasting their time so I rather deal with female than male drivers because even when you stop the cars they stop but the men just drive away,” says Flavia Nakyeyune a traffic officer at Shoprite.
Most women drive at a lower speed and would let everyone overtake them. Some boda boda men say they do not want to ride in front of women drivers because they are not very firm while driving. “Obeying traffic lights and signs is a must for every road user but the more careful gender in observing this are the women,”says AIP James Rumanyika the officer in charge of traffic at Old Kampala road traffic office. Women are usually more careful than men and there are fewer accidents caused by women than by men. Even without clear statistics for comparison, women are known to be good drivers.”
If most drivers were women, then there would be few road accidents. Most women drivers are very careful and try to obey and observe the traffic signs as compared to their male counterparts.
The most unruly women, the traffic wardens say, are the expectant mothers who refuse to wear their seat belts claiming that they are too tight on them. “It is rare to find a woman without a driving permit but you can find as many men because they usually try to learn how to drive from their fellow drivers without going to a driving school,” says James Muyanja, a traffic officer at Namirembe Road.
This increases the rate of road accidents because such drivers do not teach about the road signs and do not respond to them as would be the case if they had gone to a driving school.
Women drivers instead are vulnerable because they are usually knocked and an impatient man behind them will always hoot at them because of the low speed at which they are driving.
Nakyeyune says that, “Rarely would find an over speeding woman driver although if you found one, they would give an excuse of how they are not well, has a sick child or they are rushing to pick their children from school.”
Although there are women who receive calls while driving, this habit is more pronounced in men than women. Nakyeyune says, “I cannot speak for other places where I am not but here we see more men than women speaking on phones while driving.”

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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