Are some army officers competing with Nigerian pornographer

But that ki-Nigerian surely, how can he embarrass our sister like that?” my maid fumed as she pretended to cover her eyes so as not to see the nude photos of a Ugandan singer that the minister’s maid had received on her phone.
“But he is not fat so don’t call him a ki-Nigerian,” corrected the minister’s maid.

“Okay, even if he is a ka-Nigerian, where does he get the guts to abuse our sister like that?” fumed my maid.

“They say when you go where they eat dogs you also learn to eat dogs,” her friend said. “I think there is too much abuse of women going on in Uganda that the ka-Nigerian cannot be blamed for what he did.”

“Shyaaa!” exclaimed my maid. “How many Ugandan men have sexually abused women just because they are helping them financially? Here things are for kutegeragana and you don’t go around..”

“Not so fast my dear,” the minister’s maid interrupted her and picked a copy of The Observer newspaper from my coffee table. “Just see here. There are so many newspapers in your house but you never seem to read them. It says here 15 UPDF officers including two brigadiers and one colonel have been suspended over selling slots to soldiers who want to be deployed in Somalia.”

“What has that got to do with sexually abusing financially desperate women?” my agitated maid asked.

“That is the problem of not reading the papers in your own home,” scoffed the minister’s maid. “When the headline says selling slots, it does not mean all the slots are paid for with cash. It is the male soldiers who have to pay cash. The poor women soldiers, according to The Observer, have to be sexually used by officers who promise to get them deployed to Somalia.”
“Banangeeee!” screamed my maid.

“At least the ka-Nigeria used to spend his own money on the Ugandan singer,” said the minsiter’s maid. “But an army officer who trades in our taxes and donor funds and people’s blood to obtain sex from a desperate soldier is worse than a Nigerian who gets angry and posts naked pictures after his own money has been consumed by an ungrateful Ugandan woman.”

“Hmmn, I am not sure who is worse,” doubtfully said my maid. “At least the Ugandan army officers do not expose the poor army girls whom they abuse to help them go to Somalia. In that case they have more mpisa than the ki-Nigerian.”
“You silly naïve girl,” sneered the minister’s maid.

“You think it is because of their good manners that those randy Ugandan officers keep quiet about the girls they abuse with promises of Somalia postings? It is just to cover up their crime of sexual abuse. You think when they are listing the qualifications of the personnel sent to Somalia they can write ‘good sex object’ against the names of the girls they have used?”
“But scattering your lover’s nude photos on the internet is simply unacceptable,” protested my maid.

“And is sexually abusing an officer junior to you because she is financially desperate acceptable?” asked the minister’s maid impatiently.

“But those bu-junior officers also want to sleep with the senior officers,” argued my maid. “Why don’t they apply to go to Somalia on merit, or why don’t they remain deployed in Uganda? I suspect it is them who tempt the senior officers.”

“And was your celebrated musician raped by the Nigerian?” challenged the minister’s maid. “Does she look like she was being forced to make those nude poses in those photos?”

“Okay, I guess the Nigerian and the officers are all silly,” conceded my maid.
They started examining the photos again, and I looked away, afraid that minister Lokodo might be peeping.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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