Ankole bishop decries rising mistrust among marrieds

MBARARA- The bishop of Ankole Diocese, Rev Sheldon Mwesigwa, has condemned mistrust among married people, witchcraft and tribalism in society.

Preaching to hundreds of Christians at St James Cathedral in Ruharo Mbarara District to celebrate Christmas Bishop, Mwesigwa said: “Husbands and wives are stealing from each other. There are cases all over. You can imagine people who said ‘until death separates us’ but someone is stealing from the other. It is astonishing,” he said.

The bishop also condemned the increasing rate of witchcraft, saying even those who are presumed to have gained some education such as professors are taking to witchcraft.

“One time I went to Makerere University looking for a job. I had completed my PhD. The person I approached told me ‘you will not get a job because here we have three things religion, tribe and witchcraft’. That is what our society is now,” he said.

Bishop Mwesigwa also criticised politicians for not helping the electorate to tap into available opportunities to uplift themselves out of poverty.
He said it was selfish for political leaders not to give Ugandans useful information that could better lives.

“Our leaders have not helped us. People are dying of disease that can be managed. We need to do things that help our people,” he said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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