Angels, Easter, Uganda

So it is Easter and the angels are distracted.
Angel 1: what is all that noise?
Angel 2: it is Uganda! It is hectic! It has been a busy season. Easter you know!
Angel 1: Huh?
Angel 2: Yea, celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus!
Angel 1: Ah okay. We do that here every day. Celebrating, for real? Oba? Anyway, I guess we are different.
Angel 2: Of course we are different. Oh look! The prayers are coming in like a disturbed hurricane! And today is the busiest. There are some people I last saw in December, others early last year. Oh look, I last saw all those politicians in the last elections! New faces, yay! It is so exciting to have this crowd
Angel 1: Thankfully, we have something more on our hands. Only trouble is that it is Uganda:
Angel 2: Huh? What about them?
Angel 1: I tell you, next week this place will be as silent as the Lord’s tomb. Most of them will abandon us until the next big reason to celebrate
Angel 2: But official statistics from the CIA show that we have about 84.9 Christians in there. Note ‘Christian’ is the naming word!.
Angel 1: Statistics, do we use thos? A naming word?
Yes! A noun is a naming word! Christians! Now that is enough for the country to have a smooth sail but I just don’t get it. Corrupt Christians, stealing Christians, hypocritical Christians, religious Christians, angry Christians, bad driving Christians, shady Christian politicians , dirty Christians, cheating Christians, so many, churches, ‘Christian’ names and stickers in that place! I wonder how they do it!
Angel 1: But, I told you numbers are deceptive! See all those people Now take a close look at their hearts. Happy?
Angel 2: Eh kyaba too strange! So how do you solve a problem like Uganda, now that the days of Noah, Moses, Ananias and Sapphira are long gone?
Angel 1: Tough call I say, really tough!
Angel 2: You want me to make a tough call on Uganda? Like to call the heavens to do something tough?
Angel 1: No way! The cross was tough enough! I am just saying that it is a tough call to solve a problem like Uganda, but you never give up! Now let’s get on with the work while the season lasts!
Angel 2: Oh dear! He is risen!
Angel 2: He is risen indeed!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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