Anaesthesia Society Gets Syringe Pumps

The Anaesthesia Society last week received 10 high precision syringe pumps that will be used to administer highly sensitive medications in patients.

The syringe pumps are high accuracy equipment used to deliver measured medications and other fluids with high level of accuracy for a given period.

They can be preprogrammed for efficiency and are used in research and development in the medical field.

With the new equipment, it is expected that the growing number of anaethesists will benefit from proper training in the use of the pumps.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) donated the infusion pumps at a cost of 1,000 euros each (Ugx3.5million).

This was in line with their patient focused initiatives to ensure that patients receive the best treatment and care through technical support and skills transfer. The equipment was handed over by GSK country manager Nathan Wasolo and received by Uganda Society of Anaesthesia Secretary General Dr. John Mark Kasumba.

Dr. Kasumba said the donation was timely because the pumps are invaluable in administering specialized treatment that required precision. They are expensive and in short supply.

“We’re happy that GSK has positively responded to our request for the pumps which will ensure provision of efficient anaesthesia service delivery and that the safety and satisfaction of patients is not compromised,” Kasumba said.

GSK’s Wasolo said they are happy to pursue programmes that ensure that quality healthcare services are delivered at every level.

“We are rolling out programmes that promote community wellbeing and in particular patient welfare throughout Africa including Uganda,” he said.

GSK as a global pharmaceutical company is partnering with the government of Uganda to fast track a schools deworming programme that will see hundreds of children provided with deworming medication Albendazole which is also effective in elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (Elephantiasis).

Source : East African Business Week

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