Amisom Commander Love for Somali Woman

UPDF Spokesman Lt.Col. Paddy Ankunda has a close relationship for A Somali woman whom is purported to be his second wife.

According to Uganda based online newspaper Ugandan drone Col Akunda who hails from Rukungiri and a close friend to current internal minister Gen Aronda is living a life of seasons.

Somali elites have warned against the growing interest of AMISOM peace keepers onto Somali women.

“AMISOM is diverting its mission and engaging itself with other issues that can lead to social problem among the troops and local community” Said Mohadin Yusuf

Gen. Akunda is said to be in love with Somali woman Aisha who works as translator in AMISOM base in Mogadishu.

Previously an impregnated Somali woman by AMISOM soldier fled to Uganda after she received death threats from the local community.

Source : Dalsan Radio