Almost Ensnared By Social Media Predator

It had been a long holiday and I was so bored.

Our company broke off for Christmas on the 22nd of December. I watched movies which are known to bring out that Christmas mood Home Alone, White Christmas, Cinderella and many others. But I felt I needed something more than just watching movies to make me actively involved in Christmas celebrations.

I went online and chatted with friends, finding out about which company was holding a Christmas party. I was ready to party-crash, just to get myself into the real mood.

Someone in-boxed me on Facebook.

“Hi Beautiful,” he typed.

“Hi,” I answered with scepticism.

“Am John Bosco Luwaga. Glad to have a chance to chat with you,” he wrote.

“Well am in a hurry, I can’t chat now. I have plans and am left with just a few minutes to go. But thanks anyway. Good day.” I cut short the chat.

I have always been a coward when it comes to meeting new people. Surely I was not going anywhere yet, because I was still trying to find out which party would be perfect for me to crash.

Three hours later, my messenger alert came in.

“Sweet lady, are you back? Is now a good time to chat?” John Bosco asked.

“Oh Yeah! Am back, but feeling very tired,” I lied, because I had not gone anywhere. “You seem anxious to chat. Hope all is well,” I said, leaving room open for chatting.

“I had already introduced myself. I’m an accountant in Safe bank, divorced, with two little children. My wife left me because she was more attracted to women than to men. I understood when she asked for a divorce and I gave it to her. I have looked at your profile for over a year, until today when I felt I needed to talk to you. You come across as a good lady. Can we be friends? And who knows what the future holds!” John Bosco sounded sad, pitiful and lonely.

We chatted through the evening. John Bosco, who I fondly called JB, became the first person I would talk to in the morning and the last at night.

We exchanged phone numbers, we called each other, and we chatted on WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and every social media we could find ourselves on. JB was very prayerful and respectful. Then one day, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and it is only obvious that my answer was: yes.

It was a sweet relationship, but all along, we never met. I had looked at every picture on his profile, and I liked what I saw. I changed my user name from Dora Nansamba to Dora JB Nansamba Luwaga. I badly wanted to meet JB, but his job was too demanding. One day, he would be in Algeria recruiting staff, the next day he would be in Botswana doing something else.

Then one day, after he had communicated that he is in Canada, he made a status update on his timeline, which showed the writer was ‘near Kampala.’

My heart skipped a beat. I took it upon myself to investigate this. I went to Safe Bank Uganda Limited, where JB said he worked. Nobody knew him and his name was nowhere in the bank register. I intelligently started a chat with him, asked him what time it was in Canada. He said it was 10am. It was actually 10am in Uganda.

I changed my username back to Dora Nansamba. He in-boxed me and asked why I had changed my username. I told him I was driving, but we would chat later. As I drove to Wandegeya, I saw a man who no doubt was JB, because I had looked at his pictures so closely, and I couldn’t get it wrong.

I shivered and felt like I wanted to ease myself.

That night, at 12:04, JB called me, “Honey, I have just landed at Entebbe airport. Please could you Mobile-Money Shs 500,000 on my MTN, and direct me to your home so I bring these bags over? I can’t exchange dollars at this time of the night.”

I quickly blocked him on Facebook, and blacklisted his phone number.

Source : The Observer

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