Akandolindoli Rides On Creativity

Of late, cars are parked as far away as the playground. What brings people here is comedy courtesy of members of The Spotlight Akandolindoli. The three-hours nonstop comedy starts at 8pm and patrons leave praising the comedians for their creativity and sense of humour.

Akandolindoli was started by CBS FM presenters during the tough times when the radio was shut down by government in 2009. The comedy night was started by Abby Mukiibi, Patriko Mujuuka, Billy (Kasode) Katumba, Kayibanda and Abu Kawenja. They were joined by other comedians including Wycliffe Luyombya, Ruth Bwanika, Mayende ‘quick reporter’, Musa Male, Chris Luwaga, Leila Kalanzi, Ashraf Ssemwogerere and John Ssegawa as the producer.

The comedy outfit has turned out to be the best, because of their natural Luganda jokes and creativity. They also act about events that people are conversant with. For example, last Tuesday, they cracked their audience’s ribs with jokes about the Moses GololaRonald Mugula fight.

Male, despite being light-skinned acted as Mugula, while Mukiibi acted as Golola. It was a hilarious moment that left fans demanding for more. The combination of Mujuuka, Mukiibi and Luyombya makes it better as they always choose a controversial topic. Last Tuesday it was about university boys who lie to girls.

“One man while at Makerere doing MDD lied to his girlfriend that he was studying medicine, only for her to make a surprise visit and find him in a dance practical… ,” Mujuuka joked.

But this was after Justine Nantume, Ssemwogerere, Kanyanya, Alfred Nuwagaba, Sharifa Nankya, Patrick Ssembusi, Kapale and the dancers had spiced up the evening.

“At least they are still here when other comedians have lost it. Most comedians are very repetitive, but with [Akandolindoli], you expect something topical and new,” said Rachael Nanfuka.

The organisers aise fans to come with painkillers as the nonstop laughing could cause a headache.

Source : The Observer

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