Airtel Uganda Markets New Web Packages

Telecoms service provider, Airtel Uganda, last week introduced new internet-based products to cater for the growing market in data usage.

Through their Switch On campaign, customers of Airtel can now borrow data using Internet Beerako, use Data Me 2 U to share data and load data using a Data Voucher scratch card to directly load the pin number of any data bundle directly.

Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Arindam Chakrabarty, is confident the products are going to be received positively on the market because of the convenience being offered.

“Uganda is one of the top 10 countries on the continent when it comes to internet usage and at Airtel we realize that as these statistics grow so do the needs of the millions of Uganda internet users. This is why we take pride in anticipating the needs of our customers and then take the necessary steps to meet them,” Chakrabarty said.

Another package is the Multi Surf where a customer subscribes to a bundle on one mobile line and is able to add four other mobile numbers to surf from the same bundle irrespective of where these other mobile numbers are and what type of devices they are using.

This is the first time in Uganda that a mobile phone user can load internet data bundles directly without converting airtime into data through a process.

This is also the first time they can share data either through one device using Multi Surf or by crediting a friend’s mobile number.

Chakrabarty said Airtel are going to start expanding 3G internet access across the country so that all their customers can use it.

“When you provide coverage, you should be able to provide the right experience. Airtel in Uganda and across Africa, we want to be known as the internet company. Internet searches should be able to open in two seconds,” he said.

During the 201415 National Budget speech, Uganda’s finance minister Maria Kiwanuka proposed a 10% excise duty levy on mobile money withdrawals. Customers will now have to pay more money in order to withdrawal money.

Chakrabarty said the increase starts in August. “We have a 10% increase on customer charge on every withdrawal transaction,” Charkrabarty said.

He said the tax will affect people who use their phones to carry out multiple transactions.

Source : East African Business Week

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