AIDS Commission Launches Resource Center

Despite all government interventions into averting HIVAIDS in the country, Uganda is still rated among the top three countries in Africa with the highest prevalence whereby on a daily basis, close to 380 acquire the disease.

According to Dr. Christine Ondoa the Director General of the Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC), stakeholders have come up with new strategies of reducing the numbers through making all information about the disease available for the general population. Part of the strategy, UAC has today launched a mega resource center dubbed the National HIVAIDS Documentation and Information Center (NADIC) which is expected to provide strategic local knowledge and information resources needed to inform response to HIV.

“This Resource center takes into account the use of modern ICT tools to pool as much information as possible onto one platform for easy access. It also ensures linkages and adheres to the principle of the Multi-Sectoral Approach to the Control of AIDS” she said adding that the center will have documentaries dating as far back as the 1980s when the disease was first confirmed in Uganda. This she said will help the young generation realize how fatal the disease can be and therefore take precaution.

Currently however, Uganda has the highest numbers in East Africa and contributes 40% of all new infections in Africa.

Commenting on the issue of increasing prevalence of the drug resistant HIV strain, Ondoa said they are still doing research into the matter but however currently they are making patients adhere to the first line of drugs by more than 95% though for some their conditions keep deteriorating even when taking drugs as recommended.

Source : The Independent

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