Agreement to Support Gender Violation Signed

The ambassador of France to Uganda, her excellency Mrs. Sophie Makame, and UN Women Country Representative, Mrs. Hodan Addou, signed an agreement for further cooperation.

The agreement covers a two-year strategic partnership to support various projects to aance gender equality and empowerment of women in Uganda.

According to the ambassador, the Embassy of France and UN Women have identified two women’s organizations in Gulu district that will benefit from direct financial support through the Embassy’s Social Development Fund and technical support from UN Women.

She said “Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G) helps women at the grassroots level get a better understanding of their rights through education, training and transfer of skills.”

She also said the project will benefit women with disabilities through income-generating activities and aocates for their improved access to sexual and reproductive health information and services.

Makame said: “UN Women Uganda, the Embassy of France and AFK share and stand for a vision of women’s rights and gender equality. All parties agreed on the added value of this partnership and are looking forward to enhance their cooperation in the future.”

Through the French Embassy in Uganda cultural operator, Alliance franccedilaise de Kampala (AFK), UN Women will undertake various sensitization and aocacy activities.

In September 2014, a first jointly supported event took place, with the organization of the exhibition ‘Women in Resistance’ at the Uganda Museum.’

Source : East African Business Week

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