Afrigo Band’s Sarah Tendo Has Seen it All [interview]

Sarah Tendo Namiyonga, 28, is a dancer with Afrigo band. Quick Talk met her at The Observer office recently.

Sarah, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I was told that you are a dancer with Afrigo band…

Yes, I am. I am also a director of Nyange Cultural Performers and an invigilator of IB exams at Kampala International School.

Such variety. You must be hardworking. Why did you choose dancing?

I had been dancing since P.4 [at St Joseph’s PS]. I used to pay my school fees from the proceeds I got from dancing. I earned a scholarship at Apas SS [in Nsambya] because I was a dancer.

Olivia Etyang – she was a teacher – asked the school administration to give me the scholarship. I wasn’t offered a scholarship at A’level though, and I dropped out of school after one term. Calvary Chapel paid for that one term and they ran out of money.

That was bad. When did you join Afrigo band?

In early 2009.

How old were you then?

About 23 or 24…

You were relatively young. How did you manage your patrons? They can be, errr, how do we put this politely?

Some of them can be verrry drunk and you know how some drunken people get!

I had seen a lot by that age [oh really?]

Eh, what had you seen?

I had worked as a waitress at Faze II and had interfaced with [drunk] people. I learnt how to handle them. I had done a lot of jobs. I was in 3M troupe, Crane Performers, Percussion Discussion and I had also sung at Calvary chapel.

I have a lot of experience and I have to be professional because dancing is my work. My patrons, drunk or not, are my clients.

That’s respectful. Are you that respectful when your clients hit on you?

Hahaha, I don’t abuse them! But I can’t accept everyone who asks. How many people will I go with if I accept them all?

You sound like you have many hitting on you. Is that bad, or good?

It is not that bad. Our clients are not bad. They give you their business cards and ask you to dinner. I either accept or reject the offers [yeah many Afrigo patrons are also the ‘loaded’ but married type].

So, can you tell us the most prominent Afrigo band goer who has hit on you? Or the most memorable one?

Hahaha, I can’t say. He is my friend [lucky man].

Eh! I guess he didn’t like being friend-zoned like that. But where were your parents in all this?

My mother passed away in 1990. My father [who had a whopping 12 children] couldn’t pay my fees, because he had favourite kids.

Was he supportive of your work since it helped you take care of yourself?

No. He even chased me from home. He ordered me not to go to St Peter’s Nsambya PS to practise dancing because I would get spoilt. They would give me a lot of housework to do so that I would be too busy to go for practice but I would finish it quickly and go.

One time, my father and big sister Betina Namusoke came to St Peter’s and abused the teacher. When that tactic failed, my father told me to leave his house.

Where did you go? Did you ever complete school?

I stayed with my friends’ mother till 1999. I joined 3M troupe, then Crane Performers, Calvary Chapel, Percussion Discussion, Faze II and finally Afrigo band.

I went back to school in August 2009 [bravo!] I went to Makerere Adult Education Centre and I was the youngest there. [Quick Talk can imagine]. I did a year of A’level and joined Makerere University thereafter. I did Bachelor of Arts in Music and will graduate in January.

Wow, congratulations. You have had such a roundabout journey. Are you dating?

Come on, don’t ask that question.

Uh! Why not? What is the most romantic thing that has been done for you?

[Thinks long:] Taking me for dinner [what’s wrong with today’s men!?]

That’s ordinary. What is the most romantic thing you have done?

A loooot. When I love, I love too much. [In other words probably not a lot of romantic gestures by Sarah.]

Uh, that is not saying much. Who do you consider the most handsome MP?

[Fred Mukasa] Mbidde. The one with the big eyes. I think a woman left him.

Haha, big eyes! I can imagine those eyes all loved up. But was he ever left by his woman? He is actually married. Which police officer’s butt would you want to tap?

[Promptly:] I would go for [Andrew Felix] Kaweesa.

You are the second person to say that. Ok, the first one said he was the most handsome police officer and had nice hairy legs. Hahahaha. What is your preference in underwear?

Frenchies and G-strings.

Oh! G-strings?!

Yeah. G-strings don’t show when you are wearing a white dress [well, good to know they have an aantage. For those with tiny, accommodative butts, that is.]

Thank you for the interview.

Thank you too, Quick Talk.

Source : The Observer


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