Africa Should Not Tempt the Greedy By Showing Weakness – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has warned African leaders and the African people in general to fight and mitigate the weaknesses that led to the colonization of the continent by the western powers, failure of which he said the continent was at a risk of being re-colonized, dominated and her people enslaved for the second time.

The President made the remarks last week during his address to the Pan-African Parliament during cerebrations to mark ten years anniversary of the foundation of the continental body at the Pan-African Parliamentary headquarters in Midrand, South Africa.

According to a press release sent to East African Business Week, the President told the Pan-African Parliament that the continent was largely colonised, dominated, plundered and subjected to slavery and slave trade due to a number of internal weaknesses especially the divisionism and lack of unity by the traditional leaders and chiefs of Africa.

He noted that due to this divisionism and disunity amongst leaders, Africa which was the mother of civilization, the origin of mankind and the homage of the biggest religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism was colonized by the foreigners.

Museveni however noted that although the continent gained her independence from the imperialists through resistance by the African chiefs and the Pan-African Movements, Africa was at the verge of being re-colonized if the continent does not solve the new emerging challenge generated by greedy and selfish foreign forces.

He expressed concern that after attaining independence the African people quickly forgot to realise what aided colonialist to colonise them and instead embarked on individual national programs without putting in place mechanism to guarantee their independence.

He therefore asked the Pan-African Parliament and other continental bodies to join hands and work to safeguard the freedom, democracy and independence of the African continent which he said can only be realized if the continent worked in unity and with a single voice.

“You were weak and you were colonized and when you gained your freedom you did not use it to guarantee your future. Now your former colonial masters are coming back to start from where they stopped” Mr. Museveni said. “Even these foreigners don’t recognise our continental bodies because we are very weak,” he said.

“I was nominated on a committee with other five African leaders including the Chairman of the African Union by the African Union our continental body of 54 heads of states to go to Libya to talk to fallen Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi but we were stopped by NATO from going there. How can African Leaders, nominated by an African continental body, on an African mission and on the African soil be stopped by NATO from doing their duty” he wondered.

Museveni said that one of the major problems of Africa is ideological disorientation of the African leaders and people which has enabled foreigners to come back to the continent to play the big brother role while on their mission to re-colonize the continent.

He noted that ideological disorientation has seen some part of Africa being plunged in sectarian conflicts based on tribes and religion calling for the intervention of foreigners who in most cases worsen the situation. He said that this has seen many African countries explode into civil wars, military coups or civil unrest in the recent past and the continent loosing many of her citizens.

“The elite in Africa must stop betraying their own people by leading them into senseless sectarian, tribal and religious wars,” he noted.

He called for joint action by all African countries and continental bodies to put in place mechanisms of solving African problems using home grown methods that are realist and can guarantee lasting peace, security, freedom independence and the development of the African continent.

He also said that efforts by continental bodies should be dedicated to protecting and promoting the private sector, infrastructural development, developing the human resource, expanding and integrating the African markets, supporting the continent’s industrial efforts and develop the service sector.

He also said that more efforts devoted to developing the agricultural sector, promotion of democracy on the continent and stopping the criminal states.

The Pan-African Parliamentary session was also addressed by the Chairman of the African Union who is also the President of Mauritania Mohammed Abdul Aziz who emphasized the need by all African countries to give the Pan-African Parliament all the support they need so as to give the continental organ a conducive environment to conduct her duties.

Source : East African Business Week

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