Afande Omalla Yet to Report for Duty

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sam Omalla risks being declared a deserter if he does not report to his new duty station in the next 11 days, it emerged yesterday.

Omalla was transferred to Greater Busoga as the deputy commander of Bukedea sector in an April 17 reshuffle. Previously, he was the head of the Field Force Unit (FFU) under Kampala Metropolitan area.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said this week that there are administrative procedures that have to be followed when an officer is transferred from one station to another.

In Omalla’s case, his commander, Christopher Kasalawo, is supposed to notify police headquarters that he (Omalla) has reported. So far, Enanga said, there is no such report.

Secondly Enanga said there has to be a formal handover of office which has not happened.

“But everything is being handled administratively. There is no need to create debate about it,” Enanga said.

Omalla has been quoted in sections of the media referring to his transfer as “unfair” and a politically motivated move. Omalla told The Observer yesterday that he was in Bukedea and had not absconded from duty.

“I don’t think he [Enanga] knows what he is talking about. I am already here,” Omalla said.

A deserter according to section 59(1) of the Police Act is defined as a police officer who absents himselfherself without authority from his unit or formation or from the place where his duty requires him to be, with the intention of not returning.

Section 59(3) further states that a person who has been absent without authority for a continuous period of 21 days or more shall unless the contrary is proved, be presumed to have deserted for purposes of not returning to his place of deployment.

Polly Namaye, the deputy police spokesperson said all police officers are expected to serve anywhere in the country as they may be deployed by the police authority.

Source : The Observer


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