A tale of trials and tribulations

In one of her quotes, Mother Teresa said love begins at home, and it is not how much we do but how much love we put in our actions.
The quote summarises the essence of a new play. Gasuza Entaate, translated to mean the problems (family) harbours, is the title of the play that examines today’s family and its modern day challenges. Playwright John Ssegawa builds a plot from a very simple story.

The plot
His spotlight is on a couple that has put in place a framework of a family in terms of physical needs but has failed to relate and build a worthy home and family. Careers have taken the better of their time.
The wife is a senior police officer while the husband is a top lawyer in town. Soon reality glares in a harsh way as it dawns on them that they can hardly share intimacy. The man searches for answers and the solutions he resorts to leaves the wife the least pleased yet again. It is against this that debate is built.
“There are no values in a home. How do we treat our children? Fathers are nowadays residing in the families of their own children. Wives will bring in girls or sisters to look after the parents. You live in the same home, share a bedroom but the couple is not speaking,” Ssegawa explains.
In the play, the wife brings in her sister who opens communication with her husband. The wife’s sister and husband develop a relationship and there are a few excesses that will form basis for a heated argument that involves not just the couple but the extended family and friends.
The plays aocates for dialogue the importance of couples keeping the communication or allowing each other start afresh whenever things have gone wrong. If not then couples who think have reached the break point should be able to sit and talk about an amicable way they can separate, without raising dust or drawing in other people.
“A woman must accept that she is a woman, however much she grows in career. She must remember that is the weaker sex. If she accepts that, there will be communication,” he adds. The playwright says he chose to tell a simple story because many of his contemporaries or colleagues in theatre always aim at writing complex plays with hidden meanings.
He argues that for theatre to stay relevant, stakeholders must blend and adjust and come up with simple plays which are well written and directed but affordable for the director to sustain.
The cast is made up of two generations of actors, the old and younger generation. On stage are Patriko Mujuuka, Hellen Lukoma, John Ssegawa, Irene Milka Sobya who acts as Monica, Charles Bwanika Ssensuwa, among other lead and new actors and actresses.

If you go

What: Gasuza Entaate- a play
When: Opening this weekend
Where: Bat Valley Theatre
Entrance: Shs30, 000


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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