A place with no piped water

A few weeks ago, I visited a place called Kiwenda. It was my first time to be there and when I arrived, I saw a normal rural trading centre. It has no decent restaurants, guest houses or any hangout places. The only visible businesses are salons, hardware and retail shops.

Kiwenda is located in Wakiso District it is about 32km from Kampala City off Gayaza Bulemezi Road. The transport fare to and fro Kiwenda is between Shs3500 and Shs3000 as Tom Kirunda a taxi conductor explains.

David Kabuye, 48, vice chairperson and born in the area says the name Kiwenda was derived from Muwenda, a rich man used to stay in the area in the past years. He explains, “Muwenda was very rich, famous and owned almost 60 per cent of the land. Because of his richness, residents would describe him as Muwenda omugaga loosely translated as Muwenda the rich man thus the name Kiwenda.”

Kabuye, adds that the area almost covers one square kilometre. He says Kiwenda has villages like Kasana,

Balitta, Nazaalesi and Bugobagoba. It is neighboured by villages like Namulonge, Bugema, Busuukuma and boarder with Bulemezi district. Kabuye noted that most of the people in this place engage in cattle keeping and poultry.

Richard Kalule a broker in the area says some of the developments in the area are as a result of the construction of the tarmac road that heads to Bulemezi District and the opening up of a Bugema University branch in the area. “The major problem we have in this area is cattle theft. Kabuye adds that besides cattle theft, the price of water is also one of the problems residents face, they buy a jerry can of water at Shs500 from people who harvest water every time it rains.

The few shallow wells in the area are a bit in far from the trading centre.
“However, I believe the problem will soon be solved because National Water Sewage Corporation (NWSC) has promised to supply us with piped water with effect from January 2015.”

Some of the educational facilities in the area are Nabitalo Primary School, Bugema primary school, Nabitalo Secondary, Bugema Secondary and Bugema University. Nnabagereka Church and Masjib Masturah are some of the worship centres in the place. Bugema health centre III, JK medical centre and Namulonge Health centre are the private health amenities in the area.

If you are planning to buy a plot of land in this place, you can either use it for farming or residential purposes. The place still has a low population which does not favour business.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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