90% pass nurses exams

Kampala. A total of 2,540 (90.5 per cent) nurses and midwives have passed the May 2014 final examinations, making them eligible to join the health service.
Of these (2,540), 2,414 were certificate candidates and 12 of them posted distinctions, up from six candidates last year. However, some 265 candidates were ungraded, meaning their work was not decipherable. A total of 2,805 students sat for the May exams.
The executive secretary of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board (UNMEB), Ms Hellen Mukakalisa, partly attributed the impressive performance to the recently introduced promotional exams in all health training schools .

“This initiative [of promotional exams] has motivated students to study harder to pass them in anticipation of their eligibility to be registered for UNMEB,” she said
Ms Mukakalisa said two students of Kabale Institute of Health Sciences were barred from sitting the exams by the proprietor under the pretext of not paying tuition yet the duo had registered for the papers.
‘This being a contravention of Section 2.5(a) of the Rules governing the conduct of UNMEB exams, the board has taken appropriate action against the institution in question,” she added
When releasing the exams in Kampala last Friday, Education minister Jessica Alupo applauded the candidates for posting good results, saying such a development re-energises their efforts to increase funding to health training institutions.
“This is a step in the right direction and as government it gives as more energy to ensure that all practicum sites are adequately equipped to facilitate students’ practical skills acquisition,” she said.
However, the minister said to maintain the good performance, government will discourage opening up of nursing schools that don’t meet the basic standards.
Currently, there are 68 institutions that offer nursing and midwifery courses. To qualify, a student must have excelled in biology and chemistry.

The numbers

Number of students who sat the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board May exams.

Number of students who passed.

Number of ungraded students.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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