500 civil servants to suffer salary cuts

Manafwa. More than 500 civil servants in Manafwa District will suffer salary cuts for three months in a move by the ministry of Finance to recover about Shs323 million that was erroneously deposited on their bank accounts last year.
According to the district chief finance officer, Mr Michael Bichacha, the civil servants were paid three times their salary as government was changing the payment system to Electronic Fund Transfer in July 2014.
“This is to inform the following officers that their salaries are going to be affected for three months due to the over payment that occurred July 14, 2014,” an April 12 notice pinned on the district notice board, reads in part.
The announcement has however, generated discontent among the civil servants.

Mr Richard Kabala, one of the people to suffer a salary cut of Shs900, 351 said they do not know which account the on which the money would be banked and who will acknowledge receipt.
“The notice is not signed by anybody but by management. We are asking who is management? And nobody is explaining, many of us are sceptical, we are confused and we believe somebody is directing this money to his pocket,” said Mr Kabala. The deputy District Administration Officer, Mr Aaron Situma, told Daily Monitor on Monday that the notice is not from the district but from Bank of Uganda.
He revealed that Manafwa District human resource officer followed up the issue with the ministry of Finance and Bank of Uganda and they resolved to deduct the money.
“The ministry erred in July last year and paid civil servants more three months’ salaries. And because we do not want to suffer cuts as a district in future, the Finance ministry decided to effect cuts this month. We are actually under instructions from the ministry to recover the money,” said Mr Situma.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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