40% Mpigi residents share accommodation with animals


Four out of 10 residents in Mpigi District share accommodation with animals, Mpigi District authorities have said. This, the leaders said, may expose the residents to animal diseases.

Mpigi District speaker Juliet Jemba Wamala, said: “It is disappointing that 40 per cent of our people share accommodation with pigs and goats because they do not mind about their lives, health, hygiene and sanitation.”

“These animals can cause diseases such as rift valley fever and leptospirosis if we continue sharing shelters with them,” she added.

She was speaking at the closure of the district sanitation week last Thursday at Nakirebe playground in Kiringente Sub-county.

The residents were aised to construct toilets in their homes as a way of improving health standards and good sanitation.

Mr Francis Ssendikwanawa, the district health inspector, reported that the toilet coverage in Mpigi District currently stands at 65 per cent – indicating a slight improvement.

“We have found 10 to 15 of the homes sharing one toilet, which threatens the gains we have so far achieved. When many people share sanitary facilities, it tends to comprise hygiene in the area,” Mr Ssendikwanawa said.

He issued a 14-day-ultimatum to all residents without toilets, dustbins, hand washing facilities and drying racks. Mr Ssendikwanawa said the residents either implement the sanitary directive or else be apprehended.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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