$1b fake dollars: State wants court order to conduct further search


The state has asked Buganda Road Court for permission to carry out a deeper search into the money printing machines and other exhibits that were recovered from the house of an American army veteran who had allegedly printed more than $1 billion (about Shs2.7 trillion) black dollars that have already circulated into public.
On Thursday last week, the police arrested Mr Andrew Ryan Gustafson who was found in possession of bundles of 50 denomination notes of fake dollars in his house in Mbalwa, Namugongo, Wakiso District.
The police also recovered seven money printing machines with different colours of cartridges, three pairs of US army uniforms with inscription: Ryan Andrew and a US army bag.
According to Buganda Road Court Resident State Attorney Lino Anguzu, it was necessary to make the application to court in order to have a deeper search of the exhibits found with the suspect.
He further explained that the law demands that before further serach is conducted on such items, they should first get permission from court or otherwise risk being accused of tresspass.
Mr Anguzu explained that initially, they got a search order from court to search his house, which means that they should get another one in order to carry out a deeper search.
However, the application could not be heard by Grade One Magistrate Joan Aciro after Mr Isaac Walukagga, the lawyer representing the suspect told court of how he had just received the state’s application and needed time to reply.
The magistrate concurred with the suspect’s lawyer and granted them time till Thursday when she will hear the state’s application.
The magistrate further ordered that the status quo remains until the application is heard and determined. This means that the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) where the suspect is being detained cannot go ahead and carry out further search of exhibits recovered from his house until court hears the state’s application.
The suspect who is yet to be charged formally, was returned to Kireka’s SIU.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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