19-year-old woman gives birth to conjoined twins

A young woman who has given birth to Siamese twins at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital is in need of financial assistance ahead of an operation at Mulago national referral hospital that medical practitioners anticipate to cost over Shs 10 million.
Ms Esther Akello 19, resident of Omulala village, Asuret Sub County, Soroti district was admitted at the theatre for an operation after she failed to deliver normally. However, doctors discovered that she was carrying conjoined twin girls. They are joined at buttocks.

Dr Emmanuel Batibwe, the hospital administrator said that the young girl was admitted on Tuesday at the theatre for an operation and at about 9:30 PM, the babies had been secured, adding that they are in good health.
He said that the baby girls are in good health since they are only joined by the pelvic bone, adding that they are breastfeeding well.
“They have received the polio vaccine and BCG, and are currently back to the ward, “Dr Batibwe explained.
He said after consultation with the medical surgeons at Mulago on a possible medical opinion about the twins, they will have Ms Akello with her conjoined twin daughters taken to Mulago for an operation to separate the babies.

“We are appealing to the people of good will and well-wishers to come to the aide of this couple. They are financially unable to meet the costs needed,” Dr Batibwe added.
He said that this situation is caused by an abnormality when a single cell splits into two and at the time of development they tend to join together.
“It’s the first case so far in Soroti regional referral hospital but we are hopeful that their operation will not be complicated,” Dr Batibwe explained.
Ms Akello’s husband Charles Oriokot thanked God for the safe operation, appealing to well-wishers to come to their rescue.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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