12 centres lose exams over defying new policy


The Uganda National Examinations Board has withheld 560 candidates’ results from 12 centres which didn’t comply with the Board’s new directive that dictates candidates to register for either Subsidiary Mathematics or ICT.

“There were centres that did not comply with the registration regulations and did not register candidates for either Subsidiary Mathematics or ICT as required by the new policy. Their results have not been printed for release until a final decision is taken by the Board,” Mr Mathew Bukenya, the Uneb secretary, said at the release of 2013 results yesterday.

New policyThe new policy which commenced last year, dictates that candidates with Economics as an option in their subject combinations where Mathematics is not a principal subject are required to offer Sub Mathematics as the second subsidiary subject.

Candidates with arts combinations without Economics have to choose either computer studies or Sub-Math as the second subsidiary and students with Mathematics as a principal subject are required to offer computer studies as the second subsidiary in addition to general paper.

Students doing science combinations where mathematics is offered as a principal subject are required to offer Sub Maths as a second subject in addition to General Paper.

Most schools particularly in rural areas don’t have computers for ICT lessons and even those with ability to procure them, majority of their staff are not comfortable using them.

Meanwhile, the Board has registered tremendous success in curtailing examinations malpractices. Only 34 candidates’ results were withheld over malpractices compared to 404 in 2012.


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