11 strange alarm clocks that are truly alarming

These alarms wake you up with everything with everything from orgasms and bacon to reminders of your own mortality

For some, a pleasant reward might be all that’s needed to coax them awake in a morning. For others, a harsher approach may prove more fruitful.

Here’s a list of the 11 most original, effective alarm clock designs around – starting with the lovely carrots, and gradually progressing to the biggest, cruellest, pointiest of sticks if you catch our metaphorical drift.

1. The Wake’n Bacon

This doesn’t discriminate by gender but might not be ideal for those with dietary restrictions
The device starts cooking your pre-loaded frozen bacon 10 minutes before your chosen wake-up time, letting you arise to the tempting aroma and delicious flavour of your favourite cured pork product.

2. CoffeeTime

This tempts you awake with the alluring smell of coffee, and presents you with a freshly-brewed cup of caffeinated beverage

Basically, this is the Teasmade reinvented for the 21st century. A special ‘smell emitter’ ensures you can’t fail to detect the tempting coffee scent.

3. The Carpet Alarm Clock

This alarm clock won’t shut up until you’re actually out of bed, with your feet stood firmly on the floor

Once you’re properly standing up, it’s unlikely you’re going to crawl straight back under the covers. How this would work for those with bags of sleep, is still a mystery.

4. The Danger Bomb

This alarm wakes you up with a bang and makes you turn your brain on, to ‘defuse’ it

Shutting off the alarm requires that you follow a colour-coded pattern to disconnect the wires in the right order – ensuring a superior level of alertness than just flailing around for the snooze button.

5. The Sub Morning cleverly lures you to the bathroom, by forcing you to submerge it in water
Once you get to the bathroom, you’re basically in the shower already and, once you’re in the shower, the day has officially begun.

6. Clocky

This leaps off your nightstand and runs away, making you chase it around the room to shut off the damn beeping.
This sneaky little thing forces both your body and your wits into action.

7. The Helicopter Alarm Clock actually flies off, to really get you up and moving

The loud shrieking noise it makes is particularly horrible hiding under the covers with your hands over your ears simply isn’t an option.

8. The Jigsaw Puzzle Alarm

This one explodes, scattering its pieces, and won’t stop ringing until they’re all back in the right place

Instead of just one thing to catch, with this alarm you’ve got four pieces to collect – but at least they aren’t actively running away from you.

Still, once you’ve jumped out of bed to retrieve them and completed the puzzle, chances are you will be thoroughly woken up.

9. Dumbell Alarm Clock
The annoying buzz of this alrm clock is all the motivation you need to start your morning workout routine

It won’t stop making noise until you’ve completed at least 30 reps, so you’ve got no choice but to start the day in a healthy way. While you’re at it, how about a quick jog?

10. The Blank-o-Matic

It barbarically snatches away your duvet, like the meanest parentsignificant other ever

The concept is simple but brutally effective, particularly if you happen to live in one of the less temperate regions of the world.

11. Darkest of all is Kickstarter-funded alarm clock, which jolts you conscious with a reminder of how long you have left to live
This stark warning could motivate you to leap out of bed and make the most of the time you have left, or it could make you want to curl up in a ball and cry yourself back to sleep.

We suppose it all depends on what kind of person you are really.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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